Pen/ink/paper combination for archival page writing?

Pen/ink/paper combination for archival page writing?

The birth is being expected by me of my first couple of young ones (twins, just in case you had been wondering just how that has been working) come july 1st. The one thing that I wish to begin doing is composing all of them a page on the birthday celebration, become compiled and delivered altogether at some time in the foreseeable future (18th b-day? graduation? wedding?). The point is always to share using them my thoughts/advice/etc on their growing up. Ideally interesting for them in the long run, but definitely great for keeping me personally considering my objective in parenting.

And so the relevant real question is. exactly what pen/ink/paper combination could you recommend? The important thing let me reveal longevity and design. The letters (paper in addition to the ink onto it) need certainly to last 20+ years, even longer if the kids think such a thing of these. The writing should be pleasant, too, since there is significant psychological investment.

I’m wide available to suggestions about this, devoid of any genuine understanding of just how all of this would interact. At this time I’m inclined toward a nib that is medium-ish pen with a vintage color ink (blue?) in either a log (Moleskine?) or good fixed paper (become compiled later).

Exactly what are your thinking? Has anybody done such a thing comparable?

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Sweet concept! If only my moms and dads had done that in my situation (maybe not that, at age 18, I would personally have cared concerning the advice they might have experienced to offer me personally, but We always like considering handwritten words!). (more…)

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