Give Your Bed An Additional Touch Of Style

There is no denying that the bed should be the obvious focal point in any bedroom but often our choice of bedding doesn’t do it any justice. How many of us have been using the same old bed sheets for far too long? Not only does this look bad in terms of the room but it also means you’re likely to be sleeping in filth too. The bed is an incredibly important area because we spend a large portion of our lives there, so why not make it as nice as possible?

The state of our beds says a lot about us…would you prefer to sleep in someone’s bed that was well made and stylish or crumpled and unclean? Surveys have found that a large number of us are seemingly oblivious to the fact that our beds look better when made and they rarely make their beds. Personally we can’t think of anything nicer than coming home form work after a long day and being able to slump onto a beautifully made and comfortable bed rather than a creation of Tracy Emin’s.

We should all take pride in our room, so to help you on the way to a more comfortable and stylish bedroom here are some of our top design ideas.

The Bed Is The Focus
We’ve already mentioned it but the bed is the focal point to each and every bedroom and if it isn’t in yours then something is very wrong! Therefore any decorating that you do should be based around the look of your bed. Remember to decorate the bed itself with good quality bed sheets and plenty of throws and cushions, this is a simple but effective way of making your bed immediately look more inviting and attractive.

If you choose lively bed sheets and throws then it is a good idea to ensure the rest of the room’s decorations are relatively simple so the colour palette doesn’t clash. The idea is to let the bed and bedding do the talking over anything else in the room.

Texture Is Key
Not only does introducing texture through throws and cushions add additional comfort to a bedroom and create the cosy feeling that all bedrooms should have, it also makes the bed look a lot cooler than if you were to solely have pillows and a duvet. Without these additional touches beds can look very bare an uninviting. So don’t be afraid to experiment with wool, velvet and fur for some real indulgence.

Know The Style
It is all well and good investing in throws and expensive bed sheets but if they simply do not match the rest of the room then something has definitely gone wrong along the way. The bed doesn’t necessarily have to stand out an excessive amount and a bedroom still looks great if the bed blends well with the rest of the room, just be sure to pick colours that are similar or ones that compliment each other.