How To Create A Dramatic Bedroom Style

For every one of us who is happy to embrace the neutral styles that are popular in interior design, there are those of us who love to show more of their personality and create a feeling of drama in their bedrooms with the use of lush textures and rich, dark tones. Of course when we speak of ‘drama’ we aren’t talking about TV soap arguments and romances, rather we are referring to styles that are bold, theatrical and grab your attention.

Personally we love the look of a room that is categorised as dramatic, detailed with dark woods and stylish wallpaper, they create a strong feeling of luxury and warmth, they also importantly make your bedroom a place that you want to spend time in.

So how would you go about creating a dramatic feel to your bedroom? Here are some of our top tips to get you on your way.

Add A Focal Point
What better focal point to a bedroom than the bed? Opt for grand, ornate bed frames and attractive headboards to make the bed the most exciting part of the room. Be sure to choose dark bed frames over lighter materials otherwise it will dampen the effect. It is good to remember that the focal point doesn’t solely have to be the bed, consider introducing a large piece of artwork into the mix to add a bit of style and culture to your room.

A trick lots of people miss out on in their bedrooms is adding cushions. This is something men are generally at fault for but by introducing them you are making the bed look much more inviting. Try mixing and matching different patterns and prints to add a touch of class and fun to the room.

If you want a dramatic looking bedroom then blinds are simply out of the question. Invest in some good quality curtains or drapery panels that can give you privacy and as much control over how much natural light you would like.

Lighting Is Key
It is never a good idea to solely rely on ceiling lighting as not only is it unflattering but you have very little control over how the room looks with it on. Instead it is a better decision to use lamps that can be placed wherever convenient, a classic position is on a bedside table either side of the bed. Don’t be afraid to experiment with light levels as the likes of floor lighting can all help to create a dramatic and comfortable feel.

Adjustable Lighting
If possible, one of the best decisions when having your lighting fitted is to make it adjustable. This involves using a dimmer switch but it is well worthwhile and has an immediate effect on the look of the room.

Throw In A Rug
If you are fortunate to have wooden floors then you still might want to consider covering some of it with a high quality rug. It is not only aesthetically pleasing as it helps to break up some of the flooring but it also nice in colder climates so you don’t have bare feet on cold wood.