How To Create An Elegant White Bedroom

If there were ever a colour that we can always resort to that makes a room look stylish, it is white. A white bedroom creates a classic feel as well as a calming mood and it truly is a fail-safe option for those of us who aren’t willing to risk too much colour on our walls.

What painting a bedroom white does is allow you to be more adventurous with your furnishings and the clean colour of the walls really compliments the style of statement furniture. It is this versatility that makes white the go to colour for a lot of us when decorating. As much as we love white in bedrooms there is a potential risk of making the room resemble a hospital room if you aren’t careful, so here are our top tips of how to make the most out of a white bedroom.

Add Texture
Having a white room is truly a blank canvas for you to work with and one of the best ways to create an inviting environment is to add textures to this. A simple way to do this is to buy bed throws in shades of grey or even bolder options depending on what look you are going for. This helps to dilute the starkness that a lot of white rooms have and is especially good if you have white bed sheets as well as walls.

Accessorise Correctly
It is all in the details when it comes to making a white room look good. If you are looking for accessories that work well with the paint then look no further than monochrome styles, especially gold. If you can get your hands on some antique gold or rustic style mirror frames or furnishings then the white really helps to accentuate their character.

Incorporate Colour
You might not want to add too much of it but by simply adding a single pop of colour to a light bedroom you are immediately creating a dramatic effect that will definitely draw the eye.

White Is Timeless
If you are decorating a bedroom for your child then you will know how difficult it is to adapt the environment to their needs. White is therefore a perfect solution as it is a colour that works for all ages.

How’s Your Floor Looking?
If you have wooden floorboards that are looking a little worse for wear then what better way to add a bit of style than also painting them too. It is a look that screams style and it makes the room look a lot lighter and brighter.

Wooden Floors
You don’t necessarily have to paint your floorboards; merely having wooden floorboards is a great way of complimenting white walls and creating an elegant and classic look.

Bring In Life
If you don’t want to risk painting your wall any bold colours then be sure to incorporate a bit of colour through plants. Not only does it keep the room looking great but also there are numerous benefits to having plants in your home.