How To Make A Cellar Bedroom Inviting

If you live in a house with a converted cellar or are considering making a cellar into a guest bedroom then chances are that you will already be aware of how dark and claustrophobic the area tends to be. This is mainly down to the fact that there is little or no natural light coming in but this can quite easily be remedied with the correct style of paint.

Here are our top tips to picking the best paint colours and a few other design tips to help make sure your cellar bedroom is as inviting as possible.

Firstly if you are fortunate to have windows in your cellar then you should really try to make the most of them. To do this it is generally best to pick a blind over heavy curtains and place a mirror on the opposite side of the room to the window to help reflect light across the whole area. A lighting trick is to add spotlights around the windows; this compliments the natural light and makes it look as though more light is coming in.

As for choosing the correct colour scheme, it’s best to opt for bright and light colours. The usual creamy tones, whites and light blues are a great way to add warmth and a friendly touch to what can be a dark and uninviting area. This doesn’t mean you just have to stick to the usual colour palettes though! As you will most likely be having the lights on every time someone is in the room you can afford to be bold with your colour choices too. Remember to test the paints first and this will help you pick a colour that compliments the lighting in the room.

If you do prefer to have relatively plain and clean looking walls then you can always afford to be a bit fun and adventurous with the furnishings. So choose designs in brighter colours than you might usually and this can work very well in complimenting a relatively neutral colour scheme. Just because the bedroom is in the attic doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the homely touches, in fact they are perhaps more essential than ever to add a bit of life and personality to what can be a dark room. Do some research and consider adding bright artwork or even something along the lines of a feature wall that houses anything from photographs to interesting storage unit designs.

It can be costly to convert an attic into a guest bedroom but one of the best pieces of advice is to have a well though out plan in order for you to save money, it’s surprising how often people will make impulse purchases that will not be in relation to their design idea and they have to deal with the consequences. Be sure to budget and prowl secondhand furniture shops and car boot sales for any pieces that might add a bit of personality to your room without the high prices.