Tips To Help Aching Joints

The treatment of pain is something a lot of us take for granted these days, headaches and general aches can all be swept under the carpet with the help of aspirin and paracetamol. There are now more potential treatments to help prevent pain than ever before and here we are taking a closer look at some of these methods that can be used to help joint pain.

Drug Treatments
This is one of the most effective treatments for joint pain in terms of its immediacy but it is also important to weigh the pros and cons of relying on it to help you. That isn’t to say the benefits of using them don’t outweigh the negatives but you don’t want to be reliant upon a drug to help treat joint pain throughout your life.

Some of the most common of these treatments include:
– Regular paracetamol that can help remove the pain and swelling
– For more serious cases a more complex painkiller can be introduced with chemicals that are similar to morphine
– Aspirin and ibuprofen are also commonly used as they don’t require a prescription
– Gels or creams to rub directly on the affected areas
– For those suffering from chronic pain, the likes of antidepressants will sometimes be administered to help sufferers sleep better

Injection Treatments
What was once a rare treatment is becoming more widely available. Injections can be used to block pain and offer a direct action against joint issues. They will usually combine a steroid and anaesthetic and whilst they aren’t suitable for all forms of pain, they can be very helpful and effective.

Alternative Treatments
A lot of people are reluctant to rely upon drugs to help their joint pain or they don’t feel their symptoms are especially bad to require the use of aspirin or other non-prescription drugs. Instead they rely on other pain relief treatments that can help soothe the aches and pains.

– A hot water bottle or heated pad can help alleviate any niggling discomfort
– On the flipside a lot of people prefer to use a cold compress depending on the type of ache and its location
– Massages can be a great way to help alleviate joint pain and also fight off inflammation. This method can be used with or without specific creams that can create a sense of warmth or contain ingredients to fight off swelling
– You should never underestimate the importance of rest and recuperation! Getting an adequate amount of proper sleep will help your body recover from a lot of issues a lot quicker than if you don’t sleep long enough
– Acupuncture might not be for everyone and there might not be too much research proving its effectiveness but a lot of people swear by it

It may sound like a joke that you should exercise when you are experiencing painful joints but there are a variety of different physiotherapy techniques including manipulation and stretching, as well as exercise programmes that can help to strengthen muscles and improve your fitness.

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The Ins And Outs Of Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that a lot of people don’t think much about until it creeps up on them, so in a bid to help inform people and hopefully even help prevent it in some cases, we’re taking a closer look at its causes and cures.

Joints are the connections between our bones, they provide us with support and also help us move. Therefore if our joints become damaged, whether from injury or a particular disease then this is going to interfere with our movement and can also cause considerable amounts of pain.

There are a large number of conditions that can lead to painful joints and often joint pain can be an early indication of a lot of these too. We are all aware of arthritis, but others issues include osteoarthritis, bursitis, gout, strains and other physical injuries. It is actually surprising how common joint pain is, with a recent study finding that one-third of adults reported having joint pain within the last 30 days! Of all of the forms of joint pain, knee pain was reported as the most common, with shoulder and hip pain following it.

Joint pain can effect any part of the body and can range from mildly irritating to extremely painful. There is the potential to get acute joint pain that can last a few weeks or even chronic, which can see people suffering for even longer.

Fortunately there are treatments to joint pain because even a relatively small amount of joint pain can affect your quality of life, which is especially the case with the elderly. Treatment seeks to reduce the inflammation around the joints and therefore reduce the pain, whilst trying to preserve the joint function.

Here are some of the most common treatments that joint pain sufferers can expect to come across:

There are a lot of pharmacy remedies but for those suffering from moderate-to-sever joint pain, an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug is often prescribed, usually along the lines of aspirin or ibuprofen. For those who are only suffering form milder pain without as much swelling then acetaminophen is an effective option to help reduce the discomfort. But taking these medications require you to be careful as drinking alcohol whilst taking them can result in liver damage.

For those who are really struggling with the pain then an even stronger medicine such as Cox-2 can be prescribed to you if your doctor sees it necessary. This is an opioid drug that can really help to kill the pain but can cause drowsiness and constipation.

There are of course more natural treatments that people report to be helpful in battling joint pain. Capsaicin – generally found in chili peppers – is believed to relieve joint pain from arthritis and similar conditions. The way it does this is by helping block substance P, which transmits pain signals. It also triggers the release of endorphins and can either be applied topically or ingested to get its benefits.

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Natural Ways To Alleviate Joint Pain

Aches and pains in our body are all just part of getting old aren’t they? That might be the mentality that a lot of young people have but if you don’t look after yourself then you’ll likely be experiencing these symptoms in your later years. Of course we don’t have to suffer in misery, as there are numerous treatments from drugs like ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medicines that can reduce the symptoms.

But do you really want to rely upon medicine to keep you fit and healthy? Continued use of these medicines is not only believed to make them less effective but they can also be harsh on our bodies. Therefore if you want to look after your body and reduce the potential of arthritis and joint pain setting in then you might want to consider using more natural treatments and preventions.

To help you on your way we have outlined some of the best herbal and homeopathic remedies to fight joint pain and inflammation.

Cayenne might have a reputation for being pretty hot but it also makes an amazing topical ointment that helps to relieve joint pain. It does this interestingly enough by causing a mild irritation when it is rubbed on the affected area and this helps to distract the nerves from the more sever joint pain. It is also believed that repeated applications of this treatment can reduce arthritis pain significantly.

As well as being a tasty treat (at least to some), licorice can also reduce inflammation. It is also reported to reduce the number of free radicals at the area of the inflammation and inhibit the enzymes that are involved in the inflammatory process. You can take licorice in tea form or supplements and this makes for easy and fast absorption.

Stinging Nettles
They might have a bit of a nasty reputation but stinging nettles also have numerous health benefits. They are in fact a traditional remedy for everything from arthritis to gout. The nettles are available in a variety of forms from tea, capsules, as whole leaves or extracts. You can either ingest nettles in their various forms or use the leaves topically.

Ginger does just make a delicious ingredient in cakes, tea and drinks but it is also a staple amongst alternative medicine lovers. The compound that gives ginger its recognisably strong flavour is also the one that gives it anti-inflammatory properties! Once again ginger is believed to have promising effects on soothing joint pain but there is so far no conclusive evidence of its effectiveness.

Get Fit
One of the best ways to help reduce and even prevent joint pain is living a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is very important in relieving joint pain and stiffness, you might not feel like exercising but getting up and doing gentle exercise such as yoga can be very beneficial to your joints. You shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of a hot bath or shower either!

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