Is It Time To Invest In Some Luxurious Bedroom Linen?

Bed linen isn’t merely an important aesthetic in the bedroom but it is integral in helping give you the best sleep possible. Therefore some thought definitely needs to go into what bed sheets you buy rather than just settling for ones that are your favourite colour or reduced the most in the sale. If you are on the lookout for new bed sheets then why not consider a bed linen set, these ranges are made of 100% natural linen and give you everything you need from bed sheets, whether it’s by keeping you cool in summer or warm in winter.

Perhaps bedding isn’t something that you have particularly concerned yourself with before but if you think about it in terms of the amount of time we spend in our beds…which is essentially half our lives, then you can see why investing in good bedding makes a lot of sense. Hopefully after considering this you will take the time to look for and save up for some good quality bed sheets and everything else involved in getting a good sleep.

Linen is an ideal material to have your bed sheets made out of as its natural nature means it allows the bedding to breath and this in turn helps to regulate your own temperature while you sleep, allowing you to get the best sleep possible. It is also an ideal choice for those style conscious people out there and when these sheets are teamed with throws and cushions you will have a truly stylish and inviting bedroom.

A personal favourite of ours is the LinenMe range, it offers incredible bedding options that are a necessity to anyone who both takes pride in the appearance of their bedroom and also wants a great deal of comfort. Investing in luxury bed linens shouldn’t be considered entirely as a treat, the linen provides a feeling of comfort and pleasantness to the skin that is ideal for anyone whose skin can be easily irritated. Throw in the fact that the bedding designs are modern yet classic and you have a product that is ideal for any modern home.

Although the LinenMe range is available individually, it is a good idea to by their sets that either offers you a pillowcase and duvet cover for a single bed or two pillowcases and duvet cover for double beds. For even more of an incentive to invest in linen bed sheets, the fact that Inga Lukauskiene, the interior designer behind the collection, says she lives and breathes linen helps…and it definitely shows in their products! The results of this are a collection that oozes natural style and high level of luxurious comfort. The collection is available in 6 muted colours and is fully machine washable for anyone who is worried about dry cleaning costs, a surprising benefit of this is that the sheets reportedly get softer and more supple with each wash!

How To Make A Cellar Bedroom Inviting

If you live in a house with a converted cellar or are considering making a cellar into a guest bedroom then chances are that you will already be aware of how dark and claustrophobic the area tends to be. This is mainly down to the fact that there is little or no natural light coming in but this can quite easily be remedied with the correct style of paint.

Here are our top tips to picking the best paint colours and a few other design tips to help make sure your cellar bedroom is as inviting as possible.

Firstly if you are fortunate to have windows in your cellar then you should really try to make the most of them. To do this it is generally best to pick a blind over heavy curtains and place a mirror on the opposite side of the room to the window to help reflect light across the whole area. A lighting trick is to add spotlights around the windows; this compliments the natural light and makes it look as though more light is coming in.

As for choosing the correct colour scheme, it’s best to opt for bright and light colours. The usual creamy tones, whites and light blues are a great way to add warmth and a friendly touch to what can be a dark and uninviting area. This doesn’t mean you just have to stick to the usual colour palettes though! As you will most likely be having the lights on every time someone is in the room you can afford to be bold with your colour choices too. Remember to test the paints first and this will help you pick a colour that compliments the lighting in the room.

If you do prefer to have relatively plain and clean looking walls then you can always afford to be a bit fun and adventurous with the furnishings. So choose designs in brighter colours than you might usually and this can work very well in complimenting a relatively neutral colour scheme. Just because the bedroom is in the attic doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the homely touches, in fact they are perhaps more essential than ever to add a bit of life and personality to what can be a dark room. Do some research and consider adding bright artwork or even something along the lines of a feature wall that houses anything from photographs to interesting storage unit designs.

It can be costly to convert an attic into a guest bedroom but one of the best pieces of advice is to have a well though out plan in order for you to save money, it’s surprising how often people will make impulse purchases that will not be in relation to their design idea and they have to deal with the consequences. Be sure to budget and prowl secondhand furniture shops and car boot sales for any pieces that might add a bit of personality to your room without the high prices.

How To Create A Dramatic Bedroom Style

For every one of us who is happy to embrace the neutral styles that are popular in interior design, there are those of us who love to show more of their personality and create a feeling of drama in their bedrooms with the use of lush textures and rich, dark tones. Of course when we speak of ‘drama’ we aren’t talking about TV soap arguments and romances, rather we are referring to styles that are bold, theatrical and grab your attention.

Personally we love the look of a room that is categorised as dramatic, detailed with dark woods and stylish wallpaper, they create a strong feeling of luxury and warmth, they also importantly make your bedroom a place that you want to spend time in.

So how would you go about creating a dramatic feel to your bedroom? Here are some of our top tips to get you on your way.

Add A Focal Point
What better focal point to a bedroom than the bed? Opt for grand, ornate bed frames and attractive headboards to make the bed the most exciting part of the room. Be sure to choose dark bed frames over lighter materials otherwise it will dampen the effect. It is good to remember that the focal point doesn’t solely have to be the bed, consider introducing a large piece of artwork into the mix to add a bit of style and culture to your room.

A trick lots of people miss out on in their bedrooms is adding cushions. This is something men are generally at fault for but by introducing them you are making the bed look much more inviting. Try mixing and matching different patterns and prints to add a touch of class and fun to the room.

If you want a dramatic looking bedroom then blinds are simply out of the question. Invest in some good quality curtains or drapery panels that can give you privacy and as much control over how much natural light you would like.

Lighting Is Key
It is never a good idea to solely rely on ceiling lighting as not only is it unflattering but you have very little control over how the room looks with it on. Instead it is a better decision to use lamps that can be placed wherever convenient, a classic position is on a bedside table either side of the bed. Don’t be afraid to experiment with light levels as the likes of floor lighting can all help to create a dramatic and comfortable feel.

Adjustable Lighting
If possible, one of the best decisions when having your lighting fitted is to make it adjustable. This involves using a dimmer switch but it is well worthwhile and has an immediate effect on the look of the room.

Throw In A Rug
If you are fortunate to have wooden floors then you still might want to consider covering some of it with a high quality rug. It is not only aesthetically pleasing as it helps to break up some of the flooring but it also nice in colder climates so you don’t have bare feet on cold wood.

Give Your Bed An Additional Touch Of Style

There is no denying that the bed should be the obvious focal point in any bedroom but often our choice of bedding doesn’t do it any justice. How many of us have been using the same old bed sheets for far too long? Not only does this look bad in terms of the room but it also means you’re likely to be sleeping in filth too. The bed is an incredibly important area because we spend a large portion of our lives there, so why not make it as nice as possible?

The state of our beds says a lot about us…would you prefer to sleep in someone’s bed that was well made and stylish or crumpled and unclean? Surveys have found that a large number of us are seemingly oblivious to the fact that our beds look better when made and they rarely make their beds. Personally we can’t think of anything nicer than coming home form work after a long day and being able to slump onto a beautifully made and comfortable bed rather than a creation of Tracy Emin’s.

We should all take pride in our room, so to help you on the way to a more comfortable and stylish bedroom here are some of our top design ideas.

The Bed Is The Focus
We’ve already mentioned it but the bed is the focal point to each and every bedroom and if it isn’t in yours then something is very wrong! Therefore any decorating that you do should be based around the look of your bed. Remember to decorate the bed itself with good quality bed sheets and plenty of throws and cushions, this is a simple but effective way of making your bed immediately look more inviting and attractive.

If you choose lively bed sheets and throws then it is a good idea to ensure the rest of the room’s decorations are relatively simple so the colour palette doesn’t clash. The idea is to let the bed and bedding do the talking over anything else in the room.

Texture Is Key
Not only does introducing texture through throws and cushions add additional comfort to a bedroom and create the cosy feeling that all bedrooms should have, it also makes the bed look a lot cooler than if you were to solely have pillows and a duvet. Without these additional touches beds can look very bare an uninviting. So don’t be afraid to experiment with wool, velvet and fur for some real indulgence.

Know The Style
It is all well and good investing in throws and expensive bed sheets but if they simply do not match the rest of the room then something has definitely gone wrong along the way. The bed doesn’t necessarily have to stand out an excessive amount and a bedroom still looks great if the bed blends well with the rest of the room, just be sure to pick colours that are similar or ones that compliment each other.