Top Ways To Protect Your Joints

You should never underestimate the importance of your joints; they are the points in your body where your bones meet. They do everything from bend, rotate, roll and glide, and allow us to walk, run and dance. The problem is that over time our joints are susceptible to wear and tear and can be affected by all sorts of illnesses and diseases that can impact the quality of our later life, most notably through arthritis.

It has been reported that approximately 20 percent of Americans have arthritis and whether you are unfortunate enough to have it or fortunate enough to have avoided it, it still pays to look after your body and prevent your joints from becoming damaged. If you look after and prevent damage to your joints then not only will you be doing yourself a favour in the present but you will also be limiting how much it impacts you in later life.

This is something you should be putting into action regardless of your age and here are some of the basic but important steps to help you look after your joints.

Posture Is Key
Our bodies are very adaptable and can bend and twist to suit a scenario but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain a specific, good posture when you aren’t doing anything. Remember the common example of imagining a taught string running through your body and up through your head, use this to correct your posture and keep it straight, by doing this your body and muscles work together to put less strain on your joints.

Good posture doesn’t always come naturally and it will require some conscious thought to help stop you from slouching throughout the day but it really is well worth doing.

Work Properly
Similar to maintaining a good posture, the majority of us who sit at a computer desk all day will likely be practicing poor posture. So ensure that you are not sat too low on your seat and it is important that you take some time to arrange your work area in a way that is comfortable. It is vital that you give areas like your elbows support and it is also a good idea to have your knees slightly higher than your hips, remember that movement should be natural around your workstation and not limited.

Remember To Take It Easy…ish
Putting unnecessary stress on your joints doesn’t seem like a good idea does it? It’s amazing how many people will do things that are adverse to their health and can potentially pose serious long-term damage. If you work too hard then you are likely to put too much strain on your joints so it is important to rest fully. Having said that if you do no exercise and solely rest then you risk having your joints stiffening up! Therefore it is important to find a happy medium between being active and not over exerting yourself to the point where it can cause any harm.