Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Joint Pain

A lot of us have quite a traditional British mentality when it comes to health issues, where by we would rather grin and bear pain than go to our doctor and do anything about it. Of course we all experience random bouts of mysterious pain at one point or another and its no different to the occasional odd noise that your computer might make…yes it may sound odd and be an initial cause for concern but they go and then we forget about them.

But this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be ignored entirely! Often these flashes of discomfort and pain are warning signs and can get significantly worse over time, signaling a much larger underlying problem. This is especially the case with joint pain. Whilst there may be the odd occasion where you know joint pain has come about as a result of physical exertion, such as completing a marathon or from an injury, you really shouldn’t ignore it if there is no reason for the pain to be present.

Of course not everyone is enthusiastic about going to the doctor, but most doctors don’t enjoy having to treat an issue later on in its development stage when it could have been possibly prevented.

There are all sorts of illnesses that have joint pain as the initial symptoms, so next time you are suffering from a bout of pain then you might want to consider these and then if a trip to your doctor is in order.

Although this is generally an age related issue that is the result of wear and tear to the joints, and it is responsible for the majority of joint pain issues, it isn’t the only one. Swelling and stiffness of the joints can be caused by all sorts from lupus, a disease where there are cycles of flair ups and then remission. The symptoms of this disease can include anything from joint pain to fatigue, fever and hair loss.

Hepatitis is a condition that namely affects the liver, but few people realise that it also has joint pain as a symptom. Is this a better reason for you to take that trip to your doctor? This disease is responsible for more liver transplants than any other condition.

Measles & Chicken Pox
There are a whole host of infectious diseases that can claim to have joint pain as their symptom. If you or a member of your family is feeling joint pain then, especially the younger ones then you should consider contacting the doctor.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
This is an autoimmune disease, whereby your immune system can go haywire and attack your own tissue. The result of this is inflammation of joints and tissue throughout your body. If you are getting symptoms that are along the lines of rheumatoid arthritis then you should definitely seek medical attention as the earlier you do so the more likely you are to limit the damage it does to your body.